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doing activist theology at the prophetic edge

transDisciplinary, (post)Humanities Scholarship, Anzaldúa,


Threshold Theories: Philosophy & Culture at the prophetic edge

This is Activist Theology in the making.

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This is the academic portfolio for Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD.

It houses almost everything related to Robyn’s work, including a few published materials.


By way of introduction, Robyn’s work spans traditional theoretical and philosophical domains and intentionally utilizes a ‘diffractive’ method.  Compelled and fond of the philosophy and critical social theory that emerges throughout the work of Gloria Anzaldúa & AnaLouise Keating, Robyn sees this work being in the Anzaldúa-Keating genealogy and pushes theoretical frameworks beyond their logical end into a threshold world of transformational differences.  Robyn seeks to negotiate both margin and center, transgressing both standpoints to produce, oftentimes collaboratively, a theory and practice that allows all persons and things to flourish.  Robyn’s scholarship is a kin to that of an ‘activist-minded’ philosopher, or ‘activist-minded’ critical social theorist, and is working for radical social change.

About Robyn…

PhD in Constructive Philosophical Theology & Ethics, researching the domains of ethics, ontology, and epistemology for the study of Religion & Philosophy.

Currently located at the Pacific School of Religion.

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