We exist within a web of interrelatedness.

Because of this, the politics of radical difference is possible. I reject oppositional politics in favor of the radical interrelatedness of all things. Difference is possible because of our radical interconnectedness.

radical interconnectedness
the politics of radical difference

With attention to power analysis,

I commit myself to practicing and valuing the sharing of leadership and leaning into interdependence. With attention to the ways that power functions, my work is best done in cooperation with others and collaborating with others.

shared leadership
collaboration / cooperation

In a world that promulgates separation,

I commit to the politics of belonging and hospitality and honoring invisible labor. When we commit to this kind of work, we bring together disparate parts of our movement and foster new ways of belonging with one another.

honoring invisible labor

I believe we must value both courage and imagination

but these are also tied to our morality and ethics. When we express moral courage and moral imagination, we create the kind of imagination we long to build. When we lean into the potentiality of moral courage and radical moral imagination, we find the edges of our now and begin to chart our future!

moral courage
radical moral imagination

Part of my work is valuing relationship

and this is best expressed in embodied solidarity and a being en conjunto. These values are also linked together with belonging and hospitality (and all the rest of the values) in the sense that these values are relational.

embodied solidarity
togetherness (en conjunto)

I value rigorous intellectual labor that challenges the status quo

and inspires us all for radical social change. We must commit to the work of intellectual labor in such a way that it inspires change.

challenging the status quo
inspire for radical social change

These values are ones that are systemic in nature

and lived out in my daily life. I work to unhinge from systems that are harmful and destructive in an effort to live a life rooted in liberation.

anti racist

These values are rooted in my orientation as a scholar-activist.

I believe that we must critically analyze all there is and then translate those findings into action. Head and heart must be aligned as we do this work, so that we build the kind of world we long to inhabit.

criticqal inquiry
translating theory to action
aligning head and heart

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