I believe in doing work that matters, just like Gloria Anzaldúa wrote. I believe that if theory is disconnected from politics, then it is not useful. As someone who has been trained in continental philosophy, queer theories, critical race theory, constructive theologies, theologies of liberation, social ethics, and and Anzaldúan theories, I have braided these theories together and transgressed the manner in which traditional academics are trained to remain in the disciplinary structures in which they were taught. As an interdisciplinary scholar, I have discovered the joy of putting disparate voices together to create a political mosaic of difference. This positivity of difference is the path that I follow as an public theologian.

I continue to read political philosophies and theologies, and I continue to be engaged in conversations that are happening in the academy. The tool that I bring into the academy is the tool of translating theory to action and bridging together the political impulses of our theories, so that we can live out our theories in faithful ways. I do much of this work through story-telling and helping people translate high theory to pragmatic action. This is work that matters!

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