Invited Lecture

Duke Divinity School Durham

I'll be giving the following lecture at Duke Divinity School: (Re)Searching Queer Theology:  Approaching Imagination


Queer justice & its intersections

SUNY - Fredonia NY

I’ll be at SUNY - Fredonia, NY giving a talk on queer justice & its intersections.

Cosmic Campfire

Cosmic Campfire: Re-Kindling Humanity’s Biggest Questions (Get the most affordable event tickets possible for $99 through December 9th ONLY, here: It’s what would happen if Rumi, Darwin, Lao Tzu, Socrates, and Jesus made smores together. Silos: We all get stuck in ‘em. The same specialization that makes planes and processors possible can also fragment […]


Nuns & Nones

I'll join the Pilot Residency in Burlingame, CA for 10 days.  Read more, here!  

Hollins University

Constellations of Difference - Intersectionality and queer justice



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