Collaboration & Community Involvement


Early in my academic career, while still a student, I decided that I wanted to partner with other thinkers and writers, and create a new model for academic scholarship.  What has resulted is a deep commitment to collaboration across differences. 

Collaboration is an ethical orientation that I enflesh as a way to further decolonize the academic publishing route and allow for rhizomatic emergences and irruptions.

This commitment and orientation of collaboration resulted in several things:

  1.  Working with other scholars to produce academic writings–conference papers, journal articles, and books.
  2.  Working across differences with other scholars created openings to explore new methods and theories that have creative potential to impact Religion, Theology, & Ethics.
  3.  Enfleshing an orientation toward radical difference (and allowing differences to materialize) created new ways to be in relationship with scholars, activists, and community organizers.

What these three features have resulted in is a new framework to consider academic work and ways that this work is produced (and furthermore, consumed).

Namely, this framework takes seriously the question of human flourishing in the academy and ways that academic writing and coalition work can create little moves against destruction.

Current Collaborative projects include an anthology exploring queer issues in the thought and theories of Gloria Anzaldúa with Dr. Betsy Dahms, and a book length collaboration with Dr. Thelathia “Nikki” Young concerning queer issues in the study of ethics.

Future projects will include working with Dr. Nina Hoel on projects related to religion, race, identity, and sexuality, and ongoing projects with Dr. AnaLouise Keating on the advancement of Anzaldúan Studies are underway.

I’m also working on several projects with J.A. (“Jay”) Yoder.  One is our Get Disrupting work, and the others are writing projects that are deeply collaborative.

Community Involvement

Transgender Roundtable (Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion & Ministry, Pacific School of Religion)

Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, Former Board Member  (COLOR)

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