Public Writing

I’ve long thought that public writing can help contribute to radical social change. I’ve recently been gifted with three opportunities to participate in public discourse on progressive politics, progressive religion, and issues related to gender & sexuality! These are regular gigs! I’m excited about the potential these three very different writing gigs have. I’m also aware that I’ve been trained as an academic & learning to translate ideas into consumable strands of digestible information is very important! I often think about myself as being a translator of theory & philosophy–ideas that can radically disrupt normative ways of thinking!!

So, I made my first post over at Emerging Voices blog. I also posted it here. You can read it, if you want. I’ll also be writing over at the Tikkun Daily blog! I’ll still post thoughts & ramblings here, and likely post links to these other places, helping folks access these other sites.

This blog has gone through s variety of changes, since I created it in Chicago! Lately, I’ve remained quite busy in my doctoral program that I’ve not had a ton of time to blog. Now, though, nearing the end if my program, I’m looking forward to participating in public discourse!



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