Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, PhD

Queer Activist

Latinx Scholar

Public Theologian

Working in the hybrid space of church, academy, and movements

Named one of 10 Faith Leaders to Watch by the Center for American Progress

Working in the hybrid space of church, academy, and movements

doing activist theology at the prophetic edge

PhD in Constructive Philosophical Theology & Ethics, researching the domains of ethics, ontology, and epistemology for the study of Religion & Philosophy.

Currently located at the Activist Theology Project.

Knowing intimately that the borderlands are a place of learning and growth, Dr. Robyn draws on their identity and heritage as a queer Latinx in everything that they do. From doubt to divine and everywhere in between, their call as an activist-theologian demands the vision to disrupt hegemony and colonialist structures of multi-layered oppression.

As an anti-oppression, anti-racist, non-binary Trans*gressive Latinx, Robyn takes seriously their call as an activist theologian and ethicist to bridge together theories and practices that result in communities responding to pressing social concerns. Robyn sees this work as a life-orienting vocation, deeply committed to translating theory to practice, and embedded in re-imagining our moral horizon to one which privileges a politics of radical difference.

living theology out loud

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