While I’ve been writing the dissertation, I’ve occasionally been posting pictures of books.  I haven’t had a lot of time to blog.  This is largely been due to my commitment to getting a draft of the dissertation.  Well!  I have that draft and now am making revisions and so forth to hopefully defend very soon!  I hope to start blogging on a weekly basis, but haven’t quite found that rhythm.  I’ve been feeling a compulsion to explore my theological identity relative to my interest in doubt.  This has come as a result of my investigating theories of the body, Spinoza, and Deleuze.  I continue to be compelled by issues related to theology & ethics, feminism, queer issues, and race, and am hoping to find the right fit for a teaching job now that the dissertation has been written.  Blogging might become a new place for me to explore some of the other questions that I developed as I wrote my dissertation; namely, the question about one’s theological identity, when we all are seeking to jettison the impulse to stabilize identity.  Here’s to revisions and looking forward to the defense!

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