Today I listened to Radiolab on NPR.  It was a fascinating show today about chimeras!  If you have a chance, check out the episode.  The episode is “Mix & Match.”

I have some thoughts about the episode that I’d like to put down here in blogging.

As someone who tends to think about creativity and generativity, I wonder about the domestication of genetic engineering and biotechnology.  What are the implications of the intentional creation/procurement of chimeras?  I value reality of “mixing” and likely think we can’t get away from it, but what does it mean for us to “push” embryos together to make a geep? (A geep is a mixture of a sheep and a goat, and is a chimera.)  What about when the embryos of twins are pushed together in utero and the fetus that is born actually has 2 sets of DNA?  And, furthermore, what of the domestication of genetic engineering?

Are we at the end of Evolution and are, in fact, being creative with the notion of life? Are we all participating in creating life?  Today we can buy DNA dust to create living or organic things.  What does this mean for the question of “life?”  Does life have a much more broader meaning?  Have we evolved into this stage of scientific inquiry?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but found this episode to provoke lots of ethical questions that are yet lingering in my mind!  And, I am a mixed-raced person, but I am no chimera.  Or, am I?

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